In order to complete the corporate image of a company or brand, creating an innovative merchandising is essential.
Our customers choose VipItalia as a reference partner to realize their promotional and communication products thanks to:

Produzione distribuzione

Production and Direct Distribution

Articoli certificati

Certified items

Soluzioni ad hoc

Ad hoc solutions for each project

Approccio dinamico

Dynamic approach

Attenzione sostenibilità

Attention to sustainability

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The responsible alternative to disposable bags.
The ideal product to strengthen the image of your brand respecting the environment.


Customized Workwear

How effective are gadgets for promoting your business?

The goal of every company is to make its brand recognizable and competitive, so as to retain its customers and stand out from the competition. In such circumstances, making promotional items can make a difference in your marketing strategy. Often, however, the choice of the product can prove to be more complex than you think.

The effectiveness of promotion through the object (PTO)*

Like to receive a promotional item
Says gadgets are useful to learn about new companies to rely on
Believes that receiving a gift at an event has helped make it more memorable
Would be willing to change your business partner if you were to receive a gift from another company

*Source: Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) 2021 Consumer Study

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MrBrando, the e-commerce dedicated to the world of promotional merchandising.

Vipitalia strengthens its commercial action through a portal able to make the products of its catalogue available continuously. With this platform, we want to simplify the shopping experience and expand our user base, continuing to offer consulting services to support each customer.