The Vipitalia Team

Rosanna Gavazzi


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Rosanna Gavazzi, founding partner along with Ermanno Gernone. After 30 years of working with some of the most important and notable Italian and international companies such as Henkel, Rizzoli, Kraft and Goodyear, today she supervises and coordinates the financial aspects of the company.

Roberto Gernone

Managing & Sales Director

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In Vipitalia since 1994, Roberto is one of the company’s Managing Partners and co-CEO. Roberto deals daily with first-level Major Accounts, coordinating the resources that support and assist customers in defining the purchase lines every day. Commercial sensibility, good intuition and great competence make him the “cornerstone” of Vipitalia.

Rossella Gernone

Managing & Marketing Director

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Rossella is one of the company’s Managing Partners and co-CEO. She studied at the Politecnico University in Milan, then refined her studies abroad and gained marketing skills at ICT multinational companies such as Compaq Computer, HP, and MetiLinx. For more than 10 years she has been in charge of business development, coordinates the Marketing and Import/Export Divisions and manages special projects for Vipitalia.

Shawna Holcombe

IT & eCommerce

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Shawna Holcombe, Computer Engineer. Born in Texas, in Italy for 18 years and in Vipitalia for 10, she deals with the rationalization of processes, the management of contracts to support marketing and sales in addition to the coordination of international commercial agreements.

Bruna Bacchetta

Back office

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Bruna Bacchetta has been in Vipitalia for more than 10 years, manages back-office activities and is responsible for coordinating the company’s administrative structure. Accuracy, passion and consolidated organizational skills combined with further experience developed every day make Bruna a valuable resource with proven knowledge of company dynamics.

Antonio Ferrante

Sales Manager

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Antonio Ferrante, born in Argentina, resident in Italy since his youth, manages several of Vipitalia’s large accounts. He has developed and refined his skills thanks to a decade of commercial experience with various clients with specialized and specific needs. His knowledge of specific products and materials makes him a high-level technical salesman, able to provide advice to customers regarding the right choice of solutions and products.

Ruben Valaguzza

Sales Specialist

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Born in 1989, graduated in Business Communication, he joined the Vipitalia team in 2014, and in a short time he demonstrated his strong interpersonal skills and organizational autonomy. Ruben deals with pre-sales consultancy, quotations and delivery of targeted solutions for Vipitalia customers.

Matteo Fleischner

Sales account

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Thanks to his skills developed working with large companies dedicated to the consumer, Matteo integrates well into the Vipitalia sales team and is dedicated to the development of special markets. His outgoing personality, flexibility and ease in relating to complex customers guarantee the success of the commercial negotiations in which he is involved.

Vipitalia - The Power of Promotion

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